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Hi there.

My name is Caroline, and I debated even including this page on our website- but I figured practicing what we preach about being authentic and real would help my team and I build our digital community. (See what I did there? We all need digital community...even us!)

I am very passionate about story telling. I think there is power in your personal story, your brand's story, your company's story, your team's story...all of your stories.

Atlas Digital Marketing Management was built to empower story telling in a digital way. 


In an era where we are doing business, networking and selling online- it is crucial for your business to not only have an online presence, but to be an active part of an engaged community. Whether you need help understanding how to become relevant on LinkedIn and build out your personal brand or create a content strategy around Instagram for your B2C business or position a press release for your non profit, we seek to bring value and serve our community to the best of our ability.

There is a common belief here, and that is that unless you can bring value - you should bring nothing at all.
Here are a few of our favorite projects to date.

Rebrand | Website Creation and Management | Social Media Content and Management | Local Industry Content Contributor

Rebrand | Website Creation and Management | Reputation Management | Logo Design 

Startup Marketing Strategy | Website Creation and Management

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