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Throwing mud at the wall and hoping something sticks?
We get it.
The mud we're slingin' is a little stickier and the walls we're chuckin it at were built with mud slinging in mind. Your digital foot print is and should be unique to your goals- NEVER one size fits all.
We're committed to building out an online community strategy for each of the different ways your business is involved and presented online.
Instagram Strategy

Identify content relevant and important to your industry, customer base and community.

Industry Strategy

Recognize what content it will take to become positioned as an industry expert within your network and online community.

Facebook Strategy

Identify posts and pages and people that your community is engaging with and understand what your competition is publishing.

Ad Strategy

Build out the key demographics and audiences you want to target with specific messaging and content.

Content Strategy

Plan out content that is specifically geared towards what your online community cares about.

Customer Strategy

Identify where your audience is in their journey with your business and build tailored messaging for each stage in their life cycle.

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